Expected and Achieved Results

On this page you can find the project’s expected and achieved results (deliverables).

Wafer and Cell Pilot line

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Cell line specification (Jan 2023)
  2. Thin wafer approach for the cell pilot line (Apr 2023)
  3. Initial performances of tools in cell line of MBG
  4. Specification of the M10 wafer (ramp up of wafer pilot line)
  5. Cell efficiency of 25.5% on <110um wafer
  6. Performance of the SHJ-IBC cell pilot line

Module Pilot Line

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. MES implementation incl. Industry 4.0 concepts
  2. Proven reliability of high performing encapsulant
  3. IBC pilot line FAT
  4. IBC roof-tile on roof with 1kWp

Metrology and Reliability of SHJ tunnel-IBC Technology

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Protocol of indoor and outdoor measurements and setup
  2. Draft Report with first results from inline cell and module metrology
  3. Results from inline cell and module metrology
  4. Pre-certification, FMECA and DfR on IBC modules and rooftile after indoor characterisation and accelerated ageing
  5. Outdoor performance and reliability with energy rating
  6. Lifetime yield assessment and degradation modelling

Digitalisation, Automation, Industry 4.0

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Governance and design choices for a data space suitable for collaboration along the PV value chain
  2. Design and test of data-driven algorithms for optimising cell processing
  3. Deployment and performance of data-driven algorithms for optimising module processing
  4. Recommendations for the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts in full-scale cell and production lines
  5. Lessons learnt on added value of combining data from along the value chain

Sustainability, circularity & environmental impact

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. A set of mini-modules made with highly circular materials
  2. LCA, circularity, resource limitations, and recycling feasibility of pilot line products
  3. A set of samples to demonstrate integration of release encapsulant that have been assembled and disassembled with valuable components extracted

Bankability, Business Model & Roadmap towards GW-fabs

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. CoO and LCOE analysis
  2. Business model analysis

Project progress

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