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Norwegian Crystals AS

Organisation Introduction

Norwegian Crystals (NCR) was established in 2020 by acquiring the monocrystalline silicon business of Gfjord Invest AS including the name “Norwegian Crystals AS”. NCR is located in Glomfjord in Northern Norway (within the Arctic Circle), a region with access to clean hydropower, glacier cooling water, and a skilled workforce with a rich tradition rooted in the solar industry. Norwegian Crystals specialize in ultra-low carbon footprint manufacturing of high-quality and cost-efficient monocrystalline silicon ingots, bricks, and wafers for PV modules all around the world.


Norwegian Crystals is a small player with great ambitions in a rapidly growing market dominated by large Asian companies. The PILATUS project plays an important role in reestablishing a strong European PV value chain, which enables Norwegian Crystals to grow and stay competitive. The Norwegian Crystals team is proud to participate in PILATUS as one of very few still existing European monocrystalline silicon manufacturers.

What in PILATUS?

Norwegian Crystals AS will install a pilot line and demonstrate high-volume and cost efficient manufacturing of high-quality M10 size mono-Si wafers for SHJ-IBC solar cells. In this work, Norwegian Crystals will also assess quality requirements for polycrystalline silicon and incorporation of recycled silicon to the feedstock.

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“The PILATUS-project helps us to grow and reclaim global competitiveness with strong European partnerships and cutting-edge technology.”

Project progress

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